Embark on a cosmic journey with our Exploration.

Chart a path for effective product management and development with our method.

Frame Your Vision

Like an astronaut mapping the stars, frame your vision through interactive workshops that uncover motivations, goals, and user insights.

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On November 21, we will talk about Discovery and tell how Hera was born and how it works to illustrate our company method and emphasize the importance of doing Discovery.

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Blast off into the universe of discovery and innovation.

Our frameworks, templates, and canvas are your celestial guides to navigating the cosmos of product development.

Dive into User Insights

Dive deep into the galaxy of user insights with research, identifying unique user profiles and their specific needs.

From Assumptions to Solutions

Transform your ideas from simple hypotheses into concrete solutions, ensuring that your decisions are aligned with user expectations.

Make your vision Operative

Make maps of user stories and address technical challenges, laying the groundwork for successful implementation.

Our Case Studies

Discover how we transformed complex data into business success stories

Discovery and Validation: the journey from idea to product

A new business opportunity and the need to analyze and test the idea for a new product: this is the process followed by the 20tab team.

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BC4E: a work on sustainability

GS1 is a non-profit organisation that develops the most trusted standards for communication between businesses worldwide. In Italy, GS1 Italy gathers 40,000 active ventures in all of the main industry sectors.

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Picture It! Images and products

Picture It! is designed to facilitate the easy uploading of product images by associates into the GS1 DB, as this has proved to be a critical aspect in the past. The automatic removal of photo backgrounds is the primary feature that provides value to users.

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Internal-use Platform: Elk Range Royalties

For Elk Range we intervened on the digital platform, improving the performance of maps and components already used by the client.

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We are a digital product management and development company.

Our mission is to create products that have a tangible positive impact on users, businesses and communities, while minimizing the resources used.

Why people love us

With 20tab we have experienced the agile methodology with excellent results. Team skills, communication, special care for client needs, availability, are the aspects that had a bigger impact on us.

Federico Mittersteiner

GS1 Europe

With the 20tab team we have designed, developed and improved a platform necessary for our services. The top-notch expertise, the use of shared tools and the high human quality have led to an exceptional result.

Alessio Chiga


The specialists we have worked with proved to be fast, helpful and painstaking. Their expertise in information technology has been able to satisfy our requests, creating a product that perfectly reflects the mission of our organization.

Chiara Lorenzetti


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